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Find out more about the laser hair removal services offered by Envidia Body and Face Med Spa for residents of the Scottsdale area.

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Are you sick and tired of shaving daily or waxing every two weeks only to see hair grow back again? Then it’s about time you learn about the services offered by Envidia Body and Face Med Spa as we offer a complete range of laser hair removal Scottsdale services. We are dedicated to using only the best and the latest in hair removal technology so our treatments are not only efficient but also painless.

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Why Choose Envidia for Laser Hair Removal ?

Our hair removal service will release you from the drudgery of shaving and waxing over and over as it provides a number of other benefits:

  • Our laser hair removal method does not require surgery and is non-invasive
  • Our process eliminates the need for repeated waxing
  • Laser can be used on large hair clusters
  • When the procedure is complete, you will be left with softer and smoother skin
  • Hair removal by laser is fast and reliable
  • Our hair removal methods can target specific areas of your body without damaging your skin

Discover How We can Help You Get Rid of Unwanted Hair

Our hair removal service has become well known throughout the Greater Phoenix area because we use only the latest equipment and methods. Unlike traditional hair removal methods, our laser based procedure offers significant and long lasting results even after just a few sessions. Furthermore, our methods don’t produce any side effects so you don’t have to worry about how the procedure will affect your lifestyle.

How Our Treatment Works

Our Scottsdale laser hair removal service uses a patented technology to ensure that hair is removed safely and quickly. Compared to the laser devices used by other medical spas, our device was specially constructed so you don’t feel any discomfort during the hair removal process.

Unlike procedures like electrolysis, our laser treatment is gentle, safe and works. Rudimentary hair removal methods involve placing needles in the follicle and using an electric current to eliminate the follicles. The procedure sounds painful and tedious, whereas our laser procedure can remove large clusters of hair quickly and permanently.

Our laser treatment is not only painless but provides quick results too. In just 6 to 8 treatments you can expect improvements. Keep in mind that all laser hair removing techniques work only when hair is growing so there needs to be an interval between each session so your skin can get rid of the target follicles.

Will Laser Hair Removal Work for You?

Yes, the process should work for you. There are some laser based techniques that only work on those with dark hair and light skin, but our laser hair removing methods are suitable for all skin and hair tones and types. However, the technique does not work on people with grey hair because current laser hair removal technology cannot distinguish colored hair from the tissues around it. All laser hair removing methods function by going after the hair follicle melanin, and that is why those with high contrast skin and hair produce the best results.

While laser removal seems to produce miracles, it’s all based on science. Our procedure involves the use of laser lights that target hair follicles and the melanin. Once the laser light has entered your hair follicles, it prevents your hair follicle from growing.

The length and duration of the laser removing process is determined by the amount of hair that will be treated, so simple treatments will take just a few minutes while extensive hair removal is going to take longer. During our procedure you’ll be provided with protective goggles.

During the actual process, you won’t feel any pain and the most notable sensation will be a sort of mild stinging, and that stinging feeling is a sign that the treatment is working. Throughout the process, several pulses are released and go through your hair follicles, stunting their growth and development. After the session is done, you’re going to feel a bit of soreness that will dissipate after a while.

At Envidia Body and Face Med Spa, we are very happy to offer our hair removal clinic Scottsdale to you, and once you avail of our services you are assured of receiving treatment from trained, licensed and certified medical professionals who are skilled in dermatological and hair removal procedures. In short, we’re here to make sure that your hair removal experience will be painless and satisfactory.

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